Sponsorship request

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At the moment we are only looking for individual SxS riders in the following areas: Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Oregon (US), California (US), Nevada (US), Utah (US), Arizona (US), New Mexico (US). If you are not located in any of those areas, please do NOT apply, your application will not be processed.


Frequently Asked Questions

Will you pay for my wrap?
Will you pay for a new machine?
Absolutely not
Will you pay for travel or other expenses?
I see you sponsor this and that rider, sponsor me!
We sponsor individuals for their achievements
I'm thinking of starting a YouTube channel, will you sponsor me?
No, for social media sponsorships we only work with individuals with established accounts. Minimum on Instagram is 15k followers and 100k on YouTube
how much do you pay?
Our sponsorships are parts only
Do you sponsor builds?
No we do not, we only sponsor individuals
can i have some free stuff?
Most likely not
will you accept me?
Only applicants who have been selected will be contacted. We would really love to take on everyone but we do not have infinite resources or time.
Is there a minimum age for sponsorship?
Yes, you need to be at least 18 y/o to apply