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Sponsorship information

Thank you for showing interest in RJWC Powersports sponsorship section. If you are interested in becoming a sponsored rider or in some way request sponsorship from RJWC Powersports, please read the following requirements and guidelines. If you meet the requirements for sponsorship, submit a formal written request that provides more information about why and what products you are seeking sponsorship for. Based on the number of requests we receive, allow at least 2-3 weeks for a response.

Please Note: All sponsorship proposals are reviewed; however, we are not able to accept all requests received.

Still interested in being sponsored? Let’s cover the basics!

  • Do NOT send requests via Facebook, Instagram, or any other social media, use the request form down below.
  • Explain what separates you from the pack and makes you a better choice than the other people that filled out the form. If you’re not sure, then wait and figure it out before clicking send.
  • We do not sponsor single "builds" as we need continuous exposure in return for the sponsorship


We will review the power sport industry requests based on need. Product costs will vary depending on the assessed value of the activity or the relationship. Requests will be considered for events or vehicles sponsored by Original Equipment Manufacturers, other aftermarket companies involved in the Truck or ATV industry, and vehicles for shows, publicity, or events.


Want to do an unboxing/review of any of our products? Please tell us more about your channel on social media and what you want to do with our product. We will provide products and support to qualified media personnel based on expected exposure. Limits may be placed on quantities of products to media outlets or for personal vehicle use. All media requests will be verified before a product is shipped. Please allow at least two weeks for product delivery. On occasion, media outlets may be asked to return the product upon completion of review or story.