Share your images!

We want your images!

Do you have an awesome image of any of our products that you would like to share with us? We are building a database of awesome product images taken by the users. They will be used on product pages, social media and other promotional activities we may end up doing.

All images will be clearly credited to the owner with name, Instagram account or email-address and we will not take any credit for the work except the awesome products in the picture.

We are doing this as a fun way to show the real world use of our products, the muddy truth as a complement to the studio images with great lighting and clean tables, cotton mittens etc. The messier the better!

We have some wishes though
      • Resolution at least 1200x1200 px
      • Format: Any generally used image format out there
      • Heavily edited/collages/montages or any extreme use of filters would most likely render the image unusable.
      • We may crop and in some ways do small editing like color correction