Warranty / Guarantee

We have unless stated otherwise, 12-month Warranty against defects in material, construction and welds for all our exhaust systems.

The exhausts have been tested. Most of our exhaust systems have also been dyno-tested but since every bike is different we can’t guarantee that the amount of power gain is the same bike from the bike.

Each end-user has to make sure to check spark plugs and lambda readings after a test drive to prevent the engine from running lean.

Warranty does not cover engine damage in result of using our products nor do we repurchase products for that reason alone. We always recommend end users to do proper fuel tuning when upgrading the engine.

Shipping damage must be reported within 7 days after receiving the products. You always report shipping damage to the retailer where you bought the products and have them assist you in what to do next.

RJWC will not be responsible for any damage caused to the exhaust or any other component due to incorrect air to fuel mixture. It’s up to the customer or authorized RJWC dealer to conduct a proper fuel tuning of the bike when installing a new exhaust system.

If you as a customer/end user have any questions about the installation of any particular RJWC exhaust system you have purchased please contact the dealership or RJWC directly.

In the sealed “non-repackable” mufflers we use special wool that can withstand extremely high temperatures, but if your bike isn’t tuned the right way you may decrease the life span of the muffler.

RJWC sells and markets power enhancing products that is solely built for racing. RJWC (RJ Weld & Custom AB) is not accountable for any injuries or engine damage in the result of using any of our products.

It’s important to retighten bolts on our endtips and adapters after the first test ride. Since our exhaust systems is constructed for racing purposes only, make sure to follow rules and regulations in your country and state/area/city before using our products.