EFI Tuner Information

Less shop time means more ride time. This is the #1 EFI controller on the market for installation time to riding with great performance. Plug and play do not just refer to connectors to make installation easy, but the controller comes programmed and ready to go for stage 1 (after-market pipe and air cleaner) modifications.

Forget downloading maps. Forget looking up settings. This controller installs in mere minutes and you are off to a better, more powerful, smoother ride

With this “Plug ‘N’ Play” controller, you can be comfortable knowing your exhaust system is running at its optimum performance. The proper tuning will ensure the full performance potential from your RJWC aftermarket high-performance pipe and is recommended on all machines.

Our EFI Tuners are plug'n'play and comes with settings pre-tuned
  •  Pre-Programmed with the best settings for your RJWC exhaust
  •  Push button interface
  •  Unique load-based technology
  •  Plug and Play installation
  •  No computer needed
  •  No dyno required
  •  Full range tuning
With our products we always recommend baseline settings, you can find all the instructions here:

Here you can select your vehicle (make/model) to find your base settings: http://electronicjetkit.com/EJK-products.asp

And here you can find instructions on how to make the adjustments: http://electronicjetkit.com/EJK-tuning.asp