Customer Service


Contact RJWC Support regarding a product

If you have problems or questions regarding a product please contact us at RJWC Support with your inquiry. Please try to add as much information you think is needed. Pictures are also helpful.

Contact RJWC Shipping

If you want to know more about a shipment you are awaiting, please contact our warehouse, they will be able to help you with tracking etc.

Be sure to send your order number

RJWC Purchase assistance

If you are uncertain what products  you should buy for your vehicle, or which products that fit your vehicle, contact us here and we will help you out!


If you have trouble with getting a payment through or have any other questions regardgin this, please contact us here.


Where do I find installation instructions?
You can find all our instructions in pdf format here (click here)

Do you ship worldwide?
Yes, we ship worldwide, with a few exceptions

Does free/flate rate shipping include local tax/duties and customs tax/duties?
No, free/flate rate shipping includes the actual shipping cost and packing material

How much horsepower will my vehicle gain?
As we have done multiple dyno tests, we do not disclose the results any more since there are too many parameters involved to give an exact number for your vehicle.

Do you have decibel ratings?
No, we do not. This is because how you measure vehicle dB differs from country to country. Mud Edition is our high output, loud system, Krossflow is slightly less noisy.

How do I set my efi-tuner to baseline settings?
Here you can select your vehicle (make/model) to find your base settings:

And here you can find instructions on how to make the adjustments: