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Neutrino Lights by RJWC

We are proud to present Neutrino Lights

Neutrino Lights is a sub-brand of RJWC with the goal to produce the best LED replacement lights for your ATV. It’s fully plug’n’play. Everything you need is included.

It even has built in Halo, with included custom harness for easy install.

Everything about this lamp is custom tailored for the specific ATV model, it’s not a “work-light” converted to headlight.

Powerful? Powerful!

  • IP67
  • 12V 40W per light
  • Bright Optic Prism HALO 3200lm per light
  • Water sealed connectors
  • All mounting hardware included
  • No modifications needed
  • OE Contacts fit

The Brand

We put pride in our work and in our brand. We only sell products we can stand behind.

Attention to detail

We put alot of effort into the smallest of details, because we think it’s important in a high end product.


The visual is at least as important as the function. And when those two elements are combined, only then the product is ready for the market.



We have a vast library of detailed instructions


We have no middle hands. We work directly with our resellers


We pack and ship everything by ourselves, directly from our factory.

About our mufflers

Our products are developed and produced in the North of Sweden where we have some harsh environment for testing. Long winters with a lot of snow as well as hot summers and muddy outbacks. The mufflers are built with the highest quality in mind, therefore we use thicker materials than our competitors to make sure our can withstand the abuse they are subjected to.

RJWC stands for quality. We produce everything by hand in high quality stainless steel and aircraft grade aluminium. We have two series of mufflers at the moment, the Mud Edition and Baffletech, more information regarding these down below.

Our exhaust systems gives you more power and a great overall look, but best of all, they last!

To get your own system, contact any of our dealers around the world. The RJWC brand only sells through authorized dealers. You can find out more on our Dealers pages.

The brand new MUD EDITION SERIES EXHAUST from RJWC is a new concept on the exhaust market and now available to order from your dealer.

The mud edition series muffler is fully repackable and compared to other brands you can take it apart in just minutes to service it. And you don’t even have to remove it from the bike to service it! We have developed a very special CNC machined billet backplate clamp, made out of aircraft quality materials . When you remove the endtip and clamp you get 100% access to the inside of the muffler and the innercore that you can easiliy remove for cleaning and repacking. All mud edition series exhaust systems is sold as our performance exhaust as well with a larger innercore . 

We have them available for almost all bikes we produce exhaust systems for.

  • Lower your exhaust temperature
  • Repack and service your muffler fast and easy!
  • Gain horsepower and torque
  • Looks badass
  • Deep throaty sound with a lower decibel pitch
  • 100% stainless construction

Not avalible for Renegade XMR due to temperature issues.

Baffletech is the more quiet option. The muffler has the same external looks as the Mudedition but with different internals. We have combined a mechanical core with a full flow muffler in a very small format. The Baffletech series is avalible for all exhaust systems we have in production, except for the Renegade XMR due to temperature issues.

  • Gain horsepower and torque
  • Looks as badass as the Mudedition
  • Deep throaty sound with a lower decibel pitch
  • 100% stainless construction
  • Mechanical core