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The Revitalized Segway Snarler AT6 Exhaust: Introducing the APX

In the world of off-road adventuring, continuous innovation and upgrades are the lifeline. So, in keeping with that spirit, RJWC Powersports is thrilled to announce the complete revamp and relaunch of the Segway Snarler AT6 exhaust system. Yes, you read it right! The much-loved Mud Edition and Krossflow exhausts have been reinvented, upgraded, and replaced with the cutting-edge APX model.

Drawing lessons from our experience with the previous generation, we’ve gone back to the drawing board, building the APX from scratch. The outcome? A beefier, superior, and undoubtedly more aesthetically appealing exhaust system that seamlessly replaces the OEM header, which was known to break on occasion.

The Dawn of the APX

The APX heralds a new era in our product lineup, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the ATV and UTV parts industry. We’ve meticulously engineered this full exhaust system to be superior in all aspects, including performance, durability, and design.


The APX exhaust system for the Segway Snarler AT6 is more than just a cosmetic upgrade. At its core, it significantly amplifies performance, optimized to generate maximum power and torque. It’s an instant boost to your ride’s capabilities, putting the ‘performance’ in ‘performance exhaust system’.


Quality has always been a cornerstone of RJWC Powersports, and the APX is no exception. This exhaust system features robust construction, promising long-lasting resilience even in the harshest riding conditions. It’s an investment in not just an exhaust system but an enduring companion for your off-road adventures.


Let’s not forget the striking aesthetic appeal of the APX. With its sleek and aggressive design, the APX isn’t just about raw power; it’s about making a bold statement each time you venture off-road. This exhaust system isn’t merely an upgrade; it’s an absolute transformation for your Segway Snarler AT6.


So, if you’ve been an enthusiast of the Mud Edition or Krossflow exhaust for the Snarler, you’re going to love the APX even more. It’s everything you cherished about the previous generation, but elevated, enhanced, and evolved.

Welcome to a new world of performance and style with the RJWC APX exhaust system. The future of your off-road adventures just got a whole lot brighter!