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From Sponsorships to Brand Ambassadors: Welcoming Kyle Cullen and Alison Tysick to the RJWC Powersports Family

In the ever-evolving world of influencer marketing and powersports, RJWC Powersports is excited to announce a significant shift in our approach to collaboration. We are thrilled to introduce a new chapter in our journey, one that involves two incredible individuals who will be the pioneers of this exciting change.

The Transition to Brand Ambassadors

As part of our commitment to innovation and staying at the forefront of the industry, we have decided to transition from traditional sponsorships to a more exclusive and personal connection with those who share our passion. This shift represents a deeper level of partnership, and we’re delighted to welcome Kyle Cullen and Alison Tysick as our first-ever Brand Ambassadors.

Meet Kyle Cullen

Kyle Cullen is not just an enthusiast; he’s a powerhouse in the powersports community. With a significant presence on Instagram and YouTube, Kyle’s adventures and insights into the world of off-roading have captivated audiences worldwide. His journey, his passion for the sport, and his genuine approach to sharing his experiences align perfectly with what RJWC Powersports stands for.

Meet Alison Tysick (@canam.girl)

Alison Tysick, better known as @canam.girl on social media, is a rising star in the powersports scene. Her Instagram presence is an embodiment of adventure, empowerment, and enthusiasm. Alison’s dedication to the sport and her ability to inspire others through her content make her an ideal addition to our brand ambassador team.

Introducing RJWC Collabs

But that’s not all! Alongside this transition, we’re thrilled to introduce RJWC Collabs, a game-changing affiliate linking system that opens up new avenues for influencer marketing.

With RJWC Collabs, you have the opportunity to become an integral part of our journey. Apply for an account and get your unique affiliate discount code if you meet the criterias.

Join Us on this Exciting Journey

We’re on the brink of an exciting new era, and we invite you to be a part of it. Follow Kyle Cullen and Alison Tysick on their adventures, and stay tuned for their exclusive content featuring RJWC Powersports products.

As we embark on this journey with our Brand Ambassadors, we look forward to strengthening our connection with the powersports community, innovating together, and celebrating the thrill of the ride.

Welcome aboard, Kyle and Alison! Let’s ride into the future together.