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Expanded Fairlead Collection!

We’re thrilled to roll out a game-changing release that’s bound to ignite your passion for all things ATV and UTV. From a single model in one color to a dazzling array of options, we’re excited to present our revamped Fairlead collection! With this significant expansion, we’re bringing you more selection and the ability to color coordinate like never before – something that’s all the rage in the ATV community!

The Fairlead NG1 – Slimmer, Stylish, and Sturdy:
Our all-new Fairlead NG1 takes elegance and durability to the next level. Crafted from precision milled 6061 aluminium, this sleek beauty is available in multiple striking colors: black, red, green, and yellow. Say goodbye to dull and mundane, and embrace a touch of personal style that perfectly complements your ATV adventures. The hard-anodized finish not only adds a splash of pizzazz but also guarantees long-lasting performance. What’s more, nuts and bolts are included for a hassle-free installation. Designed for fabric winch lines, like UHMWPE, the Fairlead NG1 boasts a bolt center-to-center distance of 6 inches, making it an ideal choice for ATV use. And hey, some UTVs might just find it a perfect match too! Double-check if you’re unsure, and get ready to elevate your winching setup with the Fairlead NG1.

The Fairlead NG2 – Beefed Up and Built to Last:
For those who crave power and reliability, our Fairlead NG2 is the undisputed champion. A more beefed-up version of its sibling, the NG2 is your loyal ally in conquering even the toughest terrains. Designed with extra material for added strength, this winch fairlead means business! Like the NG1, it’s crafted from precision milled 6061 aluminium with a hard-anodized finish, ensuring top-tier durability and longevity. Nuts and bolts are included for a seamless installation, saving you time and effort. Just like its counterpart, the Fairlead NG2 is tailored for fabric winch lines, like UHMWPE, and comes with a bolt center-to-center distance of 6 inches, making it a powerful choice for ATV use. And once again, certain UTV models might just fall head over wheels for this heavy-duty marvel – make sure to confirm compatibility! Conquer rough trails with the unstoppable Fairlead NG2 and take your off-road game to new heights!

The Art of Color Coordination:
We understand that personalization is key in the ATV community, and color coordination is a celebrated art form. With our expanded Fairlead collection, we’ve got you covered! Choose from a range of eye-catching colors to match your ATV’s personality, making it a true reflection of your adventurous spirit. Whether you opt for the sleek NG1 or the robust NG2, the power to create a jaw-dropping, coordinated look is in your hands.

In conclusion, our revamped Fairlead collection is all about taking your off-road experience to unprecedented levels of customization and performance. We’ve gone from one model in one color to a full spectrum of choices – all to give you the freedom to express your individuality and match your machine’s style with ease.

So gear up, get set, and explore our expanded Fairlead collection! Elevate your ATV game and make a statement like never before. Be the talk of the trails with your perfectly coordinated and powerful winch setup.

Happy riding!