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Global Expansion with RJWC Powersports AB

As RJWC Powersports AB continues to strategically expand its global footprint, we are actively seeking partnerships with prominent distributors, especially in the USA, South America, and Asia. Our goal is to widen our distributor network in these key regions, leveraging local expertise and robust logistics to deliver outstanding products and service.

Operational Flexibility for Distributors

We provide adaptable business models that support your operational strategies, whether you prefer to fulfill orders from your warehouses or directly to your dealer network. Incorporating RJWC’s high-quality products into your lineup enhances your market presence and offers competitive differentiation in a vibrant industry.

Valuing Local Expertise

We believe that local market insights are crucial for success. Your deep understanding of regional dynamics and consumer preferences makes you the perfect partner to drive growth in your area. We look to support and learn from our distributors to mutually benefit from each market’s unique opportunities.

Product Excellence and Logistics

Our commitment to quality is evident in our responsive approach to product customization and inventory management. We value distributor feedback and continually refine our offerings to suit market needs. With efficient logistics, we ensure timely deliveries that complement your inventory strategy without overextending your storage capabilities.

Our Commitment to Distributors

Choosing RJWC Powersports AB as your partner guarantees access to industry-leading delivery times, consistent product availability, and extensive support through marketing campaigns and promotional activities. Our collaboration aims to boost sales, enhance profitability, and achieve successful outcomes together.

Join Our Network

Joining the RJWC Powersports AB family means embracing a culture of innovation and growth. Our success is built on a commitment to customer-driven innovation, respecting local market acumen, and ongoing brand development investments.

Get in Touch

To explore this exceptional opportunity, please contact David Rutström, COO and Director of International Sales and Export Markets. Partnering with RJWC is more than a business decision—it’s a step towards aligning with a leader in quality and innovation in the ATV, SSV, and UTV markets.

David Rutström
COO and Director of International Sales and Export Markets